Bubble Status Video Editing

Hey, here in this article I am going to teach you how to create a bubble status video using your own photo, So without any further delay lets get into our today’s topic. First thing first editing is not that skill which you can learn only by reading blogs, you should implement what you learn. Then only you will be a good editor.

So here we are using just a simple app on our android mobile to edit the video as shown above. Yes, we can do it even very easy using some special editing software’s but many people can’t afford PC’s or laptops. So that is the reason I am teach you editing using mobile.

To edit and export the video you need kinemaster pro app, you can get it from the link below or directly from google play store. But you need to subscribe to pro version to use some special features on it. But you don’t worry I will give if for free, you can download that from link below.

Download Kinemaster Pro

The next step is to edit the bubble status video, to edit like as shown above you need some files, So the files which I am used in the video are provide below. Download from there and use on your project to make an awesome video.

Download FIles