Winzo Gold APK Download – Winzo Gold App Full Review

Winzo Gold APK Download: Hey if you are looking for the best earning app to earn Paytm money by play games on mobile. Then you are in the correct place only. Here, in this article I am going to tell you how to earn Paytm money by playing very simple games in Winzo gold app. It is a very genuine application I have never seen before, because it will give 10 rupees for every person you refer and you can withdraw a minimum of 3 rupees to your Paytm account.

My Payment Proof From Winzo Gold APK

So without any further delay let’s get into the topic. first things first, you can check my Paytm earning proof from winzo gold in the below screenshot.

I have withdrawal 1000 rupees from winzo gold app to my PayTM account. So they will deposit 950 rupees into my PayTM wallet and remaining 50 rupees will be charged as processing fee. That’s the reason although I have to withdraw hundred rupees I get only 950 rupees to my account.

winzo gold app payment proof
winzo gold app payment proof

How to Use Winzo Gold App

First you should download the winzo gold app from the link below and install it on your mobile. Now open the app and select the language which you prefer, then sign up with your paytm mobile number and get into the app. Now you can see lots of games on your screen. so you can choose any one of the games from there and start your earning by playing.

Benefits of Winzo Gold

  • The minimum withdrawal limit is just 3 rupees.
  • No need to master all the games.
  • You can unlimited money

Winzo Gold APK Drawbacks

  • The referral bonus is just 10 rupees only.
  • If you lose the game will also lose the money.
  • Winzo Gold APK Download 2021

you should have to install the latest version of the window gold to get the latest updated games. So so I’ll suggest you to download the latest version from the official website of indigo from the link provided below.

Best Ways to Earn From Winzo Gold

There are multiple ways are there to earn money from Winzo Gold App, some of the best ways are playing games and referring others into it through your referral link.

The best way to earn money from winzo gold is winzo superstar program. There are many benefits are there in joining the superstar program. Because for every successful referral you will get 10 rupees and some bonus if your friend add money into their wallet and played any game.

Winzo Gold Referral code

Winzo Gold APK Download – You don’t need any referral code to signup into winzo gold app, you just need a referral link to download the app, otherwise you can also get it from the official site. You will get bonus of 50rs if you play the game, no matter you have entered referral code or not.

winzo gold app download for PC

As of winzo gold will only support android devices, if you really want to use it on your PC, you should install some android related software. But I am strongly suggest you to use it on your android device only.

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